All about Health Factory Nano Zinc/Copper

The exclusive composition of 100% Nano Zinc/Copper particles ensures optimal bioavailability and superior absorption due to their elemental form and nano size.

Notably, the nano-sized copper zinc particles can be directly absorbed through the mucous membranes, further enhancing their effectiveness.

Nano Zinc/Copper

What’s in our Nano Zinc Copper Supplement?

Our Nano Zinc Copper Supplement exclusively consists of 100% Nano Zinc/Copper particles, without any additional components. The minerals are in their elemental form, but at a nano size, which guarantees maximum bioavailability and the most effective absorption. It is worth mentioning that the nano-sized copper zinc can be directly absorbed through the mucous membranes.

  1. Zinc plays a crucial role in supporting immune function, potentially reducing the severity and duration of colds and other infections.
  2. Collagen formation, vital for wound healing, relies on the presence of zinc. Additionally, copper contributes to collagen production.
  3. Adequate functioning of taste and smell receptors requires the presence of zinc.
  4. Zinc is indispensable for optimal growth and development, especially during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.
  5. Research indicates that zinc and copper may have a protective effect against specific diseases, including age-related macular degeneration and osteoporosis.
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