All about Health Factory Nano Gold

100% Nano Gold particles and purified water.

It’s worth noting that the product is allergen-free, making it suitable for individuals with various sensitivities.

Nano Gold is a type of pure water that contains tiny particles of gold with a negative electrical charge. These particles are extremely small and are made up of pure gold, not combined with any other substances. They can easily enter and be absorbed by every cell in the body.

The Health Factory Nano Mineral Water Gold stands out because it contains mineral particles that are even smaller than those found in plants. These particles have a spherical shape, which is specifically designed to maximize the Zeta Potential. This is the electrical charge that surrounds each particle. Not only does this enhance the effectiveness of the product, but it also extends its shelf life.

Because the particles are so small, the liquid provides optimal bioavailability. This means that it is easily absorbed by the body and is a great choice for individuals with digestive issues. Unlike other mineral sources that are only partially absorbed, Nano Gold is fully absorbed by the body.

Always read the label and to seek the advice of a professional health care practitioner or their GP concerning the use of any of our products. And that these products do not “cure” and are not used to “treat” any medical condition or disease.