alkaline herbal tea

pH Balancing Herbal Tea

Herbs are among  the most alkaline foods and ingredients.  Alka® Tea is a tasty herbal tea which is  made from 52 different high quality alkaline herbs.

✓ Balanced blend of 52 carefully selected herbs
✓ Fresh and mildly aromatic in taste
✓ Perfect for any time of the day
✓ Caffeine- and tannic acid-free
✓ Particularly rich in antioxidants*
✓ Simple and delicious
✓ 100% natural

* ORAC value officially determined by an independent laboratory

Particularly rich in antioxidants

Did you know that Alka® Tea is particularly rich in antioxidants? Antioxidants are found in vegetables, fruits, and herbs and can intercept free radicals.

We had our herbal tea tested for ORAC (antioxidants) by an independent laboratory. This showed that Alka® Tea has an ORAC value of no less than 70,000 (measured per 100 grams).

Compared to the list of most antioxidant foods, this is a very high value.

Recommended intake:

1 tea bag on 250 ml of water.

Drink 3 to 5 cups a day to optimally deacidify.


Put a tea bag in a cup of 250 ml of bubbly boiling water. Let the tea steep for 5 minutes. Stir the tea and drink while relaxing. You may let the tea bag steep longer to make the herbal tea stronger as to your liking. Store the packaging in a cool, dry place to ensure the quality of the tea.

Alka® Tea: alkaline herbal tea

“Tastes good, does good: enjoy a cup of pure nature made from 52 alkaline herbs”

The popular Alka® Tea is composed with the utmost care from 52 different alkaline herbs  to offer you a soothing and tasty cup of tea for every moment of the day.

  • balanced mixture of 52 alkaline herbs
  • fresh and mildly aromatic in taste
  • perfect for every moment of the day
  • tasty and healthy
  • 100% natural


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