Balance your PH

Discover the power of the Ph-based balance for your health.

Our understanding of how the body works is increasing every day. But a lot of people still don’t know about the impact that our eating habits and lifestyle can have on our health in the long term.

Nutrition, stress, medication and excessive muscle strain all produce acid waste after they have been processed. Your body has to get rid of these to be able to maintain the acid ratio in the blood at a constant level. Examples of acid waste include uric acid, lactic acid, fatty acids, acetic acids and tannins.
The amount of acid waste that is released in the blood on a daily basis is too high to be able to leave the body by the regular excretory system. The body stores the harmful excess acid in tissues, joints and elsewhere. Our bodies become increasingly acidic as we get older, with the result that we can eventually start to experience fatigue, stiffness and aches and pains.

What factors cause acidification?

NutritionThe Animal particular food that proteins, can we all eat leave sugars, can behind form certain acid large fats, in the amounts alcohol, body of coffee after acid it and has waste. fizzy been drinks digested. StressStress has an acidifying effect on the body. In stressful situations, your body breaks down a lot of cells which release uric acid. People who regularly deal with stress in their professional or personal lives often suffer from a range of health problems. Excessive muscle strainWhen muscles are under more strain than they should be, the body releases large amounts of lactic acid, which results in muscular aches and pains.

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