Magnesium is a crucial element for over 300 bodily functions, including muscle and nerve health and bone growth. It can aid with sleep, stress, energy, heart and metabolic health, pain relief, and athletic performance.

Health Factory Nano Magnesium Liquid is an excellent supplement as it is easily absorbed, applied through spray, and protected by violet glass. There are many different magnesium supplement formats available, but none as absorbable as nano form, meaning you get the most of the supplement.

For the best results, take nano magnesium on an empty stomach and let it absorb through the mouth. Magnesium supplementation is considered safe in moderation, but those with kidney issues should be cautious.


Our Nano magnesium presents a groundbreaking liquid magnesium supplement. The health professionals we collaborate with assert that this is undoubtedly the most efficient and potent magnesium product they have ever come across! But how does it function? When magnesium particles are reduced to a few nanometers in size (1 nanometer equals one-millionth of a millimeter), they are rapidly and entirely absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes. The smaller the magnesium particles, the more effectively it operates. You can consume high doses without experiencing any discomfort in digestion or encountering loose stools. Nano magnesium is a transparent, colorless liquid that is suitable for the entire family. It is exceptional for improving sleep, alleviating anxiety, or for anyone aiming to enhance their magnesium levels.

nano magnesium 1litre bottle

All about Health Factory Nano Magnesium

“Revolutionary liquid Nano magnesium supplement is highly effective and powerful, as health practitioners confirm.”
Always read the label and to seek the advice of a professional health care practitioner or their GP concerning the use of any of our products. And that these products do not “cure” and are not used to “treat” any medical condition or disease.